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Contribute To A Great Cause!

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Ways to Help 

Sponsor a Youth 

Sponsor a youth from an underserved community for a session with Unity Circus Project. Help create opportunities while building communities. 

Sponsor a Workshop  

Sponsor a one hour workshop to unite youth in underserved communities. In this workshop, youth will build self-esteem, cooperation skills, and try their hand at various circus skills! 

Expand our Ring 

As a new circus organization, we are building our ring! With your help, we could offer more circus to even more youth! Choose from the props listed below to contribute to the youth of Unity Circus Project. 

$5 - Clown Noses

$50 - Spinning Plates

$100 - Juggling Props

$250 - Chinese Yoyos

$500 - Rolling Globe

$1000 - Mats 

$1500 - Tight Wire 

$3000 - German Wheel

To get more information or to contribute to Unity Circus Project in any of the ways above, please follow the donation link below. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution email

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